Our Story

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Cultivating Wellness Through Nature

Dr. Hempy CBD is your one stop shop for a variety of remedies. We offer smokable CBD and Delta 8 flower and pre-rolls, oil tinctures, pain cream, freeze balm, gummies, honey sticks and dog treats – With a number of products in these categories, you’ll find your perfect combination for relief or relaxation.


Our flowers are grown 100% organically with NO pesticides. You’ll feel confident knowing we personally grow our flowers and create the CBD and Delta 8 products you’ll enjoy. 


Our passion is helping people feel better and that’s exactly what our products do.


Questions on which product may be best for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at 727-330-6205.

What is CBD?

CBD, short for ‘cannabidiol’; is a popular supplement derived from the cannabis plant. Though extracted from the same part of the plant, CBD contains a very low THC content- 0.3% or lower to be exact; when compared to traditional marijuana. This means CBD offers you the same holistic benefits as marijuana without altering your mental state. In addition to our smokable CDB flower and pre-rolls; we also offer oil tinctures, pain cream, freeze balm, gummies, honey sticks, and dog treats.